fresh coconut

Coconut is a versatile crop and we have therefore integrated it into our portfolio. As part of re-structuring efforts Symboil Ghana Ltd had in 2018 identified coconut as a viable business and has created a department (SOCOCO) dedicated to
its development.

The company has since been able to engage with players in the 
industry and commenced marketing Virgin Coconut Oils

under the following brands.  

The short term focus is on production of quality
seedlings for planting and marketing as well as coconut oils and

desiccated coconut and charcoal. 

The company further seeks to pursue a strategy of forward vertical integration by partnering with appropriate coconut value chain actors and is currently in process of identifying and engaging partners as well as joint venturers to implement its development agenda.


Closeup of pile of coconuts on blue sky background, in the wholesale market of Largo do Pari. Sao Paulo, Brazil