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Palm Oil is one of the most consumed oils in the world, making up 50% of
edible oils market. Symboil Oil Palm Plantations (SOPP) is the
department dedicated 
to oil palm and at the core of Symboil Ghana LTD covering the company’s up and midstream activities in the oil palm sector.


Together with partners we intend to commence in 2020 with the re-mapping of our small holder farmers, draw up development plans to be followed by organic nursery set up and nucleus plantation development. We have dedicated 7,500 acres to the development of oil palm plantations via set up of own nucleus and smallholders cooperatives. 

SOPP operations are powered by a youth-driven, gender balanced and community inclusive team which is dedicated to the sustainable development this sector of the company. The team is led by Mr Andrew Enyam Andoh. The company has commenced marketing of premium palm kernel oil in Q4, 2019.  

The company is currently in process of identifying and engaging partners as well as joint venturers to implement its development agenda.